Sunday, March 26, 2017

Rinea Leaf Card Tutorial

Hello Friends!!!

Today I'm going to share a tutorial for making a card from Rinea paper foilsThese foils are made up of paper lined with colorful aluminum foil on both sides. It works like paper and foil at the same time and can be used with any paper crafting tools. It maintains the shape however it is bent or folded without crinkling making it ideal for 3-D arts and crafts. These are great for embossing, die-cutting, punching, sanding, folding, spray painting, stamping, writing, and gluing. It works with electronic cutting machines using a low tack mat and the same cut settings that are used for paper. These are available in many exciting color combinations including bold, pastel, and metallic colors with glossy and embossed finishes. These are perfect addition for scrapbooking, making cards, home decor, jewelry, ornaments, mixed media art, and much more. Here is my project:

This post is heavy and full of image so sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy the steps. I made my card by cutting the foil by X-cato knife. Here is the full tutorial for making the card:

1.) Take white card stock measuring 6 inches by 12 inches and fold in half to make the card base. Now take another white card stock measuring 5.5 inches by 5.5 inches to work with colors. I used wet on wet technique for making the background. Start by applying water on paper

2.) Now drip the colors on wet paper, it gives amazing effect

3.) Now stamp some flowers and leafs from Versacraft permanent ink

4.) Take double sided purple Rinea paper foil and draw the leaf on foil. I first drawn and cut on paper then taking that paper as guideline drawn the leaf on foil using permanent marker and cut the foil by X-Cato knife

5.) After cutting the leaf on foil score the veins by bone folder to make the leaf more natural. Adhere this leaf by foam tape to give it 3D look

6. Finally stamp your favorite stamp and your card is ready :)

Hope you like like this tutorial and try this. Please leave your comments and feel free to ask anything.